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Feel The Wind And Enjoy The Panoramic View Of The Deep Blue. Experience the trill of speed and splashing water as you ride our wave runnery in the amazing calm waters of Asprokavos.

RIDE THE WIND under our para-sail and you’ll never again be happy just being a “landlubber.” Grin to the thrill — and the beauty — of soaring hundreds of feet above the clear blue waters of Asprokavos bay and view the magnificent coastline of south Corfu.

The colourful para-sail sparkles overhead while you enjoy a birds eye view in a peaceful and serene world.

You can fly alone or even better with second person at the same time depending of course on the weight and the conditions. Kids from even 4 years old can fly together with their parents and from 10 years old can fly even without an adult depending on their weight.

There is also the option for your family or friends to join you on board and watch you as passengers on the boat enjoying a pleasant ride.

7-10 Minutes

Our excellent equipment and our experienced crew will offer you an amazing flight.

Life vest (provided) and photo or video camera!

  • Unsuitable for acrophobiacs
  • Pregnant women
  • People with back issues

You can find us on the main beach at Kavos or Aspro Kavos depending on which location you pick when you book.

You can use the location pin on the Corfu Travel Guide to find us in the booking activities section.

Weather can disrupt this activity, if this happens we will contact you to arrange an alternative date, if this is not suitable for you then a full refund will be issued as per the terms and conditions. Should you wish to cancel please refer to the terms and conditions.

Cancellation Policy
Price per person€40.00

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