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Water sports in Paleokastritsa Rings or Couch

Whether you are on your own or with a big company, come and try the experience of the couch at with us. Come and have fun with us, let’s lift the adrenaline level and joy to the top. The couch is like playing the weak link, who will abandon? who is going to be the strongest? Hold on tight and be prepared for a unique experience.

The Couch is for ideal for all ages even for people that don’t know how to swim because of the size of it it won’t flip.

All safety equipment is provided and we only go at a speed that is comfortable for you and your group.

  • 20 mins
  • Pregnant women
  • People with back issues

On the beach at Paleokastritsa

You can use the location pin on the Corfu Travel Guide to find us in the booking activities section.

Weather can disrupt this activity, if this happens we will contact you to arrange an alternative date, if this is not suitable for you then a full refund will be issued as per the terms and conditions. Should you wish to cancel please refer to the terms and conditions.

Cancellation Policy
2 People (Rings or Couch)€40.00
3 People (Rings or Couch)€55.00
4 People (Rings or Couch)€70.00
5 Couch ONLY€85.00
6 Couch ONLY€100.00
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